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Floyd Mayweather to rematch Marcos Maidana

No official press release has been sent, no major media outlets are reporting it, but according to this interview which was on the red carpet prior to the BET awards show, Floyd Mayweather has stated that he will be facing Marcos Maidana on September 13th with a major “surprise” to follow in May of 2015.

Maidana, who many thought was perfectly built to walk into Mayweather’s surgical counter shots, was actually what his supporters thought. He was an unstoppable force who walked through everything he could in order to land his bombs. Maidana connected more on Mayweather than any fighter in recent history.

The verdict was a majority decision. Maidana did enough to convince one judge that it was even, but his work wasn’t sufficient to get a card shifted in his favor. The argument can be made, however, that he may have won the fight. It’s a little narrow on those branches, but careful consideration and I wouldn’t object to the opinion that Maidana deserved the victory. I, personally, saw it 117-111 for Mayweather.

While the rematch is welcome, looking at the past in order to predict how this fight goes down, isn’t too good for Maidana. Mayweather doesn’t typically do rematches (because he usually wins decisively when he fights) and when he has the outcome was far from close. Mayweather showed in the later rounds that he could adjust to Maidana’s balls to the wall attack and won the remaining rounds comfortably.

There’s also the thought that Mayweather kept his word when he said he would trade with Maidana and that he would be there to hit. If he was telling the truth and chooses not to do that in the rematch, instead moving and countering, it will be an easy victory for Mayweather. Maidana has been outboxed by superior technical boxers before, and there are few better than Mayweather alive.

There’s no word yet on who the undercard will feature, but history tells us it will feature at least one Mayweather promotions fighter. It will be interesting to see how the undercard fills out with Richard Schaefer leaving Golden Boy. Mayweather has made it clear of his disdain for Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya and it was Schaefer who had been the middleman in their successful partnership.

The rematch takes place September 13th, most likely on Showtime PPV, most likely at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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